Monkey Theatre Show In Bangkok

Posted in Monday, September 13, 2010
by Admin

A female monkey lip-synchs to a song at a monkey show in Bangkok, Thailand

While these pictures will seem to shocking to most Western people, many Thais see nothing wrong with dressing monkeys up and making them perform. Monkey theatre has long been performed in Thailand at local fairs or held at temples during religious ceremonies. Although it is disappearing from Thai society, monkey theatre is now recognised as an asset of historical Thai culture

Wachara Gunrobroo (32) of the monkey drama troupe 'Prakit Sitpragaan' performs with his monkeys during a show in Bangkok

The monkey theatre company has been performing in Thailand for over 30 years. The director of the troupe, Panya Ganrobroo, inherited the position from his uncle

In an attempt to make the show more accessible to younger audience and tourists, Panya Ganrobroo also includes more contemporary plots in the company's repertoire

During the 30-minute show, monkeys perform feats such as calculating numbers or jumping through hoops made of knives

A monkey collects money from Thai children at the end of a show

A monkey collects money from Thai children at the end of a show

A monkey gestures "Namaskar" during a show by the monkey drama troupe 'Prakit Sitpragaan'

Monkeys rest backstage after a show. A female monkey is seen in the background, removing lice from another monkey